Current Curriculum Review Process

Starting in Fall 2017, a New Curriculum Review Process is in place.  A flowchart describing the new process is available here. The new Curriculum Approval Process is described here. A checklist to be used by Deans, and Department Chairs is available here.

Information documents regarding the Curriculum Navigator is available here.

FAQs are available here.

You can find a link to the Curriculum Navigator here.

All Curriculum related proposals will need to be submitted to the University Curriculum Committee, Chaired by Ellen Fagerstrom.  In cases where LASC or WI designation is needed, proposals will first need to be submitted to the LASC Committee, Chaired by Stacy Voeller, or to the WI Committee, Chaired by Tim Decker.  Agendas and Minutes for these Committee meetings will be posted below, through the appropriate Committee Links.

The Curriculum Approval Timeline  developed by the Registrar's office,shows dates by which proposals need to be approved, in order for courses effective for SPRING 2018, or FALL 2018 to be offered.

You can find a Table with the dates all relevant committees meet here. Some dates are missing for Spring 2018 and we will update as soon as we get them.

University Curriculum Committee

This Committee will meet on Tuesdays the Faculty Senate does not meet, at 3:00 pm in CB 106.

Meeting dates for Fall 2017 are: August 29, September 12, September 26, October 10, October 24, November 7, November 21, December 5

Writing Intensive Curriculum Committee

LASC Curriculum Committee

Teacher Preparation Committee

This committee will meet in Lommen 105 at 10 am during Fall 2017.

Graduate Council