MSUM FA Spring 2017 Election

Results of the Spring 2017 Election

You will find the results right below.  Several colleges did not have a sufficient number of candidates on the ballot.  At present we are working through the results for write in candidates, and we will let you know when the listed of elected Senators is updated.  Because some positions were not filled, we will have a Special Election in the Fall.

MSUMFA Officers

President: Magdalene Chalikia

Vice President: Matthew Craig

IFO Board: Barbara Matthees


College of Arts, Media & Communications (4 seats available)

1. Anthony Adah: 3 year term

2. Anthony Ocana: 2 year term

3. Brad Bachmeier: 2 year term


College of Science, Health, & the Environment (6 seats available)

1. Mary Dosch: 3 year term

2. Ellen Fagerstrom: 3 year term

3. Mary Devitt: 2 year term

4. Carol Okigbo: 2 year term



College of Education & Human Services (4 seats available)

1. Brian Smith: 3 year term

2. David Paul: 2 year term

3. Kris Vossler: 3 year term

4. Jeremy Carney: 2 year term

College of Humanities & Social Sciences (4 seats available)

1. Steven Bolduc: 3 year term

2. Geraldine Hendrix Sloan: 3 year term

3. Annette Morrow: 2 year term

4. Katie Richardson Jens: 2 year term

College of Business & Innovation (3 seats available)

1. Pam McGee: 3 year term

2. Peter Geib: 2 year term


Faculty Not Represented by a College Unit (1 seat available)


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