Action Committee


Membership: Action Coordinator (chair), F.A. President, 2 Members of IFO Government Relations Committee, Negotiator, 2 additional members from local F.A. (Currently, these are Annette Morrow, Magdalene Chalikia, Deb White, Oscar Flores,  Laura Odom)

This committee shall:

1.  Help publicize the valuable work and efforts of the IFO and its members to various external constituent groups.

2.  Engage in efforts to build solidarity and community within the IFO and its membership and with various external groups.

3.  Coordinate information flow between faculty and the Negotiating Team regarding issues and progress of negotiations.

4.  Coordinate actions that will move the negotiation process on and encourage settlement.

5.  Keep the Negotiating Team informed of action plans and be receptive to input from the Negotiating Team;

6.  Work with the GRC to encourage efforts in support of IFO legislative goals and IFO endorsed candidates; and

7.  Formulate legislative objectives and strategies for achieving them and present them to the IFO Government Relations Committee.

The F.A. President serves as liaison to the F.A. Executive Council.