FA Equity Committee



 Campus Climate Study Released by the IFO


 The Equity Committee shall consist of 1 woman, 1 GLBT-identified person, 1 person of color, 3 faculty members who can demonstrate a commitment to equity issues significant to our campus, and the 3 MSUM Faculty Association Representatives to the IFO MIC, FIC and GLBTA Committees.



  • Phyllis May-Machunda,
  • Rebecca Gardner
  • Ricky Greenwell
  • Sherry Short
  • Kim Park Nelson (IFO MIC Committee)
  • Laurie Blunsom (IFO FIC  Committee)
  • Craig Ellingson (IFO GLBTA Committee)
  • Alexandra Fogarty


The Equity Committee shall:

• address matters of concern to faculty of color,  women and GLBTA faculty at MSUM

• promote and sustain a campus environment in which all faculty thrive

• address matters relating to equitable treatment of faculty of color, women and GLBT faculty with respect to hiring, employment and representation.

• recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of faculty of color, women faculty, and GLBTA faculty at MSUM

• encourage the creation and promotion of scholarship, research, publication and curricular development by and/or about faculty of color, women and GLBTA faculty 


In addition to the charges outlined above, the MSUM Equity Committee may:   

1. Initiate discussion or create visibility of equity-related issues affecting the university community and related to multicultural, feminist and GLBT concerns 

a. Gather pertinent institutional data to facilitate evidence-based recommendations

b. Disseminate information on these issues 

2. Sponsor and coordinate campus events relating to equity issues and work with other groups such as but not limited to: Women’s and Gender Studies Program, American Multicultural Studies Department, Women’s Center, Rainbow Dragon Center, TOCAR, and Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Office on such events.

3. Work and/or communicate with the state-level IFO committees