What is it?

The MSU Moorhead Faculty Association is our campus division of the Inter Faculty Organization. That means that we are the "local" for our union and the only recognized, legitimate voice of our faculty. We represent all faculties who teach two or more courses OR who teach more than three credits in an academic year. So two, one credit courses and you are in the UNIT or one, four credit course and you are in UNIT. Being in the UNIT means you are provided the protections of the contract and pay a fair share of its cost through dues. These faculties are often referred to as "fair share" members. Beyond that, you may choose to be a member of the UNION by affirmatively filling out an application. Members of the UNION have the right to participate in union and academic governance, such as serving on committees, voting on representatives and the contract, and being elected to office. UNION members pay slightly higher dues (100% per category compared to 85% for fair share).

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